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Weekend Services at Bayside

December 28, 2008

I just got done speaking at Bayside Community Church this weekend. We had some great services. I talked about time and how it is passing us by so quickly. I talked about using your time in a way that will not make you like the foolish man in Luke 12:16-21 but to use your time on earth to be rich towards God. Being rich towards God comes down to two things, Loving God and Loving People. The services were awesome and we saw over 50 people give their lives to Christ and live for what matters most in life. I love pastoring people at Bayside and I am going to miss them dearly when we leave to go start Coastal Community Church in Ft. Lauderdale at the end of May.


Speaking this weekend

December 26, 2008

I am getting ready to speak this weekend at Bayside Community Church. I am pretty excited and nervous about sharing because I am going to be hitting the subject TIME. As in, what are we doing with our lives. Are we living for ourself and our desires or are we living for God’s. Really it is about living a life that is rich towards God and what does that look like. So far what I have come up with is that it looks like it takes time. I know that God is going to rock some peoples lives with this message and I just want to be able to communicate it effectively so that hearts will be focused on living a life for Him.

Big mess up last night

December 25, 2008

I made a huge mistake last night to the twitter world when I thought that I was in a direct response to Perry Noble the pastor of Newspring Church in South Carolina. I accidentally tweeted to everyone following me that I would love to meet up on Friday and that I am launching a new church in 2009. I immediately got quite a few responses from individuals from my church including my pastor with that the response “that was a big mess up.” So for the next 2 hours I was trying to clean up the mess I had made and get the information off the web which I eventually figured out how to do. I hope that I did not do to much damage to the plan to keep this silent from our church. I have kept it this way for almost a year now and only have till the end of May before Shayla and I leave. Please pray the everyone who saw the tweet will keep it on the down low and give me some grace on this one.

Business Plan

December 24, 2008

I have started to work on our business plan for the church. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. There is a lot of thinking, planning, creative communication and research involved in this process. Some of these things I really excel in and others are a huge struggle for me. I know that this is a very important part of the process in planting a church and raising the capital necessary to have a great launch. Please be praying for me while I venture into this project over the next two weeks. I know that without God showing up and helping me to be creative and innovative in how to present the vision and plan in written form that I am in trouble.

Logo Design

December 22, 2008

Today I contracted a company in FTL to design the logo for Coastal Community Church. I am so excited about this project because it really sets the tone for our look as a church. In the next two weeks I will be putting up some different logo designs for thoughts and input as to the look we should have. I am so stoked to see what this company comes up with for our design.

Great weekend in Ft. Lauderdale

December 22, 2008

I just got back from Ft. Lauderdale where Shayla and I got to go to quite a few churches in the surrounding area and check out what was happening in the local church. It was great to see that there were a few churches who were really connecting with the community. They are really thriving and seeing God do great things in there area of FTL.
I got the opportunity to meet with quite a few pastors in the area to start to network about how we can work together to reach our community for Jesus. It was a great time of sharing and encouraging us to come together on what we agree on to see Jesus made famous in our area. It was amazing how we would just show up to events and different areas of the community and have these random encounters with local pastors.

We also had the opportunity to visit Monarch High School, which is the school that we would like to start our church in this upcoming September. Another church is currently meeting in the school so it was great to be able to see the school in action as a church. The facility is unbelievable with seating up to 550 in the main auditorium with theatre seating, a huge cafeteria for older children and plenty of classrooms for younger kids on the weekend. I got the opportunity to take the pastor who is currently in the building to lunch on Monday and share how we would like to launch our church in the building and his reaction of being totally up for that. In fact he is working on getting out of the school and finding a permanent facility for their church and what great timing we had for launching. God is so faithful when you listen to his voice and obey his commands.

Shayla and I really believe that if we “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things will be added to us.” God is completely faithful to His word.

Church Planter’s Assessment with ARC

December 6, 2008

Shayla and I just returned from Atlanta, Georgia where we went through our assessment for planting a church with the Association of Related Churches. After two days of interviews, role playing, team presentations and individual presentations we got the phone call that we were fully approved to be a church plant through the ARC.

We really enjoyed the process of going through the assessment. We got to meet some other great church planters and really got a chance to play out some real life realities that we are about to face with fundraising as well as presenting our vision to potential launch team members. Thanks for all your prayers and support over the last week.