Big mess up last night

I made a huge mistake last night to the twitter world when I thought that I was in a direct response to Perry Noble the pastor of Newspring Church in South Carolina. I accidentally tweeted to everyone following me that I would love to meet up on Friday and that I am launching a new church in 2009. I immediately got quite a few responses from individuals from my church including my pastor with that the response “that was a big mess up.” So for the next 2 hours I was trying to clean up the mess I had made and get the information off the web which I eventually figured out how to do. I hope that I did not do to much damage to the plan to keep this silent from our church. I have kept it this way for almost a year now and only have till the end of May before Shayla and I leave. Please pray the everyone who saw the tweet will keep it on the down low and give me some grace on this one.

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