Quiet time today with God

I have read the story of the sermon on the mount so many times in my life but this morning I couldn’t sleep and Matthew 6:33 just kept coming into my head. It tells us “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” This verse has had such a huge impact in my life personally. It was in December of 2007 when God challenged me with this verse asking me if I would seek His kingdom above all my wants and desires in life. If that was the case was I willing to leave a great job at a great church to go reach those who have not heard yet. This was such a hard decision, do I stay where I am comfortable and content or do I step out in faith and chase after the revelation and call in my life. Needless to say I chose to step out. Well this morning as I was reading this all over I found that in verses 7:28-8:3 what I missed then. Jesus got up and gave probably the greatest set of services and teaching the world has ever seen. He was preaching for a long time and it was good. At the end it says that the people where in awe and amazement because He taught as one who had authority. At the end of all this as people were leaving and Jesus was coming down the crowds followed, they didn’t respond. They had listened to a great message and their was revelation their but they did not hear. See they did not get or realize the chairos moment they were in, that this was a moment of wisdom and revelation knowledge. So many time we go through life translating the Bible as intellectual property, we listen and learn more but end up doing less and believe that we are growing spiritually.
But there was a man who didn’t just listen to the story but heard what Jesus was saying and came to Him. He didn’t just listen but heard and took action. He heard the revelation that God was opening up before him and stepped out in it. So many times we hear God telling us something but instead of acting we put off, but not this guy he pursued. If we want God to fulfill the vision that He has given us we have to pursue it. This man’s revelation was that God could and would heal him, so he pursued Jesus with great tenacity.
I believe that today we need to be a people who not just listen to the word but hear it and react to it and pursue it with everything we have.


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