Cleaning House

We just sold our house this week. We found out that our closing date is on the 16th of March. We are so excited that in this down economy that God can still do miracles like selling your home.
Packing our home is another story, I don’t really enjoy going through all of the stuff that you acquire while living in your home. You don’t realize all the items that seem to just get stuffed in drawers, closets and your garage. It is a lot like our life, as we do life we just acquire things, needed or not they just get stuffed in corners and closets. We don’t need the majority of it, in fact when we start cleaning we ask ourselves “Why in the world would I keep this?” but yet we just keep packing the things away. In our walk with God it a lot like the same, we keep stuff we don’t need or doesn’t benefit us and actuality it hinders us from being all that God wants for us in life. The stuff that we hold onto is the stuff God wants to purge from our life but a lot of times we think we could never do without. But as we start to clean up the excess God brings the increase in our life.
What is God asking you to purge from your life in order to move you forward in life. Until we give up what we have we can’t experience where He wants to take us.


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