Courage for Dreaming

As I was driving around Ft. Lauderdale today I had this continuous thought of “What the heck are you doing T.J., are you crazy?” It was an hour of those thoughts that are totally derived out of the fear of the unknown. You know that thing that is the opposite of faith. But then I remembered this quote:

“Don’t fear the unknown, fear not living up to your known potential, talents and gifts. It takes courage to live up to your dreams.”

So many times we fear the unknown instead of fearing not living up to the gifts, talents, abilities and purpose that God has for our lives. We get so hung up on not knowing exactly how it is going to work so we stand around doing nothing, just like the children of Israel when Goliath would come out and challenge them. God had already equipped them and given them the victory but they were to afraid of facing the unknown in battle with Goliath, so they stood around and did nothing. They wasted their time, talent and opportunity to fulfill their potential.

What fear has got you paralyzed at this time, holding you back from moving into the dreams that God has given you? I desire to see each and every one of us not be caged in by the fear of the unknown but for each of us to walk in the freedom to live out our God given gifts, talents and potential. For you and I this is going to take courage. Lets be a courageous people.


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