What’s your stand?

lincoln_memorial_lincoln_contrastyI cannot get this out of my head so I guess that I am suppose to talk about it.  While in D.C. I got to see the Lincoln Memorial.  I am a huge fan of Lincoln and think that he had one of the greatest impacts on our country that any president has had.  While walking up the steps to get to the actual memorial I turned around to look out at the beauty and splendor of our nations capital.  I thought about the legacy of Lincoln and how he was willing to stand up against his fellow countrymen because of his “Holy Discontent” for slavery.  He was no longer able to stand the thought of people enslaving one another because of the color of their skin.

When I turned around, I happened to look down at the spot below me.  It was the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr. had stood and made his “I have a dream” speech.  I was in awe.  I was in the very place where one man was willing to say “enough is enough.”

It takes amazing courage to stand up for something, to step out and make a statement.  What is the thing that you want to stand up for that you haven’t made a stand on yet?  The thing that struck me about both of these men is that they were not just going to live for the moment but that they were willing to take a stand and now they live affecting others for a lifetime.

I believe that you and I must make a stand for whatever that thing is in life that you just can’t stand to see happen any longer.  Whether it be children dying of aids in Africa, food for the poor, homelessness in your community, child slavery, prostitution, human trafficing, or people not knowing Jesus, whatever it is, let’s not stay content but let’s become discontent with the situation and make a stand.

For Shayla and I, that stand is for those who are unchurched, uncommitted and undecided of Ft. Lauderdale and help them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.  We are committing our lives to loving and reaching those people.  We are moving this upcoming Friday, May 15th so that we can make our stand for Christ and those who do not yet know him.

What is your stand?

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