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How is your FRUIT?

April 10, 2009

I was with an amazing pastor yesterday named Stan Mitchell from Gracepointe Church in Nashville. He said something in our conversation that really rocked me;

“Fruit unused spoils.”
So many times do you and I have gifts and talents that we should be using but because of fear, failure or just laziness we just allow our talents to go to waste. It makes me think of the parable of the talents. The ones who used their talents were given more or they produced more fruit. Then their was the one who did nothing with his talent and what happened to him, he not only didn’t produce any gain but it was taken away. It was spoiled, it was no good so it was lost.

What talent, gift or dream has God given you that you have been doing nothing with? What is the area of life that you need to start investing your time and energy in?

I believe that God is up to something big for Coastal Community Church. I have been in Nashville and Birmingham this past week meeting with pastors and potential donors and am just finding some great favor. I am so excited how God is just opening doors in relationships and finances. Believe God for BIG things and you’ll find that he is up to GREATER THINGS than your big things.